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Full text of "Thirty-Sixth Annual Report to the Trustees of Shaw University"

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Trustees of Shaw University 



Raleigh, N. C, July /, igoi . 

Dear Brethren : I herewith submit to you my Seventh 
Annual Report, which is the thirty-sixth since the estab- 
lishment of the institution. 

The number of students for the year that closed May 31st 
was 711 — 458 in the regular departments, and the balance 
in the night schools and the day industrial school. This 
is quite an increase over the enrollment of the past year. 
If we had the room and the additional facilities necessary 
for doing the best of work, we could easily in a short time 
enroll a thousand students. 

By managing carefully and declining to purchase many 
things that were necessary, we have come to the end of the 
year without any indebtedness. Collections from the stu- 
dents have been made, however, with greater difficulty 
than for many years, notwithstanding the general business 
prosperity of the country. 

A few of the many improvements needed have been 
made. Repairs and enlargement at the Missionary Train- 
ing School are progressing favorably, but only a part of 
what is needed can be done owing to the lack of funds. A 
new floor has been laid in the machine shop, the black- 
smith shop has been put into successful operation, and many 
other minor improvements made, which places the men's 
industrial department upon a better footing than hitherto, 
though it is far from what it should be. Some money has 
been collected for the Cooking School, which we expect to 
open near the beginning of the next school year. Substan- 
tial improvements have been made in Shaw Building, al- 
though they were only a part of what was needed. 

A four-story combined piazza and fire-escape has been 

constructed on the east end of Shaw, and this should be 
duplicated on the west end. The walls and ceilings of the 
halls have been repaired and kalsomined, and are now in a 
sweet and wholesome condition. The same treatment 
should be given the sleeping-rooms. 

Repairs upon the Leonard Medical Building have also 
been started, and the new year's opening will show consid- 
erable improvement, although we have not the funds in 
hand to pay all that is imperatively called for. A central 
steam heating plant, a new hospital, a large addition to the 
women's industrial department, and a domestic science 
building are our greatest needs. The increase of attend- 
ance in the Medical Department calls for an enlargement 
of the medical dormitory. 

The night schools were in session about six months and 
were well attended, though not as largely as they should 
have been, on account of a great lack of appreciation on 
the part of the more ignorant of the valuable opportunities 
so freely offered them. 

Substantial advancement has been made in industrial 
work in both the young men's and young women's depart- 
ments. Mr. J. A. Lankford, a colored young man of good 
training and considerable experience, has been put in charge 
of the men's industrial department, and has given his 
whole time to it, with gratifying results. The work, how- 
ever, must be largely extended to meet the requirements of 
the best modern industrial school work. In the young 
women's department, in addition to the sewing dress-mak- 
ing has been added. The work in this department in every 
respect is of the highest order. 

In my last report I referred to the improvements in the 
streets of the city of Raleigh, and that we should have to 
expend a large sum to pay our share of the cost of macad- 
amizing South Street — the street upon which our campus 
abuts on the north. There has been some delay in the 

work, and the city has not yet presented its bill, but the 
payment will have to be made sometime during the next 
school year. 

Thirty-five students have been graduated from all de- 
partments, and the year, I think, must be regarded as one 
of the best in the history of the institution. The teaching 
force is very inadequate, and several of our teachers have 
been greatly overworked. 

The Theological Department has done unusually good 
work, and has attracted a number of men of age and expe- 
rience, who left their homes and churches and spent the 
winter months receiving instruction. 

Notwithstanding the political changes that have gone on 
in the State during the last few years, the outlook was 
never better. The colored man is seeing, as never before, 
that instead of looking to politics, he must attend to the 
education of his children, acquire a home, and identify 
himself with all of those interests that tend to develop the 
best and highest type of citizenship. 

The preparation of this report has been delayed on ac- 
count of my efforts to meet leading members of the Board 
of Trustees of the Slater Fund and secure an increase in 
the Slater appropriation for our industrial departments. 
Last year the appropriation was reduced from $2,500 to 
$2,000. I succeeded in getting it restored, and am striving 
now to have the appropriation put back to $3,500 — what it 
was several years ago, I had hoped to state in this report 
that my efforts had been successful. On account of the 
absence from home of some members of the Trustees, I 
have not been able to obtain the desired interviews. I shall, 
however, continue my efforts, and hope that we may be 
able to employ an additional teacher in the young men's 
industrial department and also in the young women's in- 
dustrial department. 

I append herewith my financial report that has been for- 
warded to Mr. Frank R. Hathaway, Treasurer. 

Medical Department. 


Tuition $1,634.00 

Board 4,052.24 

Contributions 364.85 

Old accounts 234.50 

Slater Fund 1,000.00 

J. W. Leonard Fund 175-00 

School supplies 128.00 

Boarding department 425.45 

Repairs 84.63 

Additions to property 33- 10 

Student labor 6.00 

Salaries : 

James McKee $550.00 

A. W. Knox 550.00 

K. P. Battle 550.00 

W. I. Royster 550.00 

R. H. Lewis 275.00 

J. M. Pickle 550.00 

A. W.Goodwin 550.00 

Hospital Nurse 95-°° 


Sundries : 

Drugs, Dissecting Material, Diplomas, 

Printing, Traveling Expenses 360.46 

Surplus, 2,752.95 



Law Department, 

Tuition $238.00 

Board 349-75 

Contributions 50.00 

Old accounts 92.00 

Deficit 173.25 


School supplies ._„__ 50.00 

Boarding department 100.00 

Salaries : 

E. A. Johnson $550.00 

R. H. Battle 115.00 


Sundries . _ 88.00 

Pharmacy Department. 


Tuition 184.00 

Board 303.00 

Contributions 50.00 

Old accounts 37. 00 

Deficit 209.00 


School supplies 50.00 

Boarding department 9500 

Salaries : 

Wm. Simpson 550.00 

Sundries 88.00 


Literary Department. 


Tuition $2,830.84 

Board 6,819.10 

Contributions 615.85 

Old accounts 240. 10 

Slater fund 1,500.00 

All other sources 83.00 

Deficiency 2 <357-59 


School supplies 435-76 

Boarding department 6,956 

Repairs 1,817 

Special improvements 1,481 

For students' labor 333 

Salaries : 

Lizzie B. Gibbs $500.00 

Etta L. Jacobs 400.00 

Ella C. Pegues 400.00 

Ida J. Brown, on account 200.00 

Four assistants 663.25 





Gratuities in rebates 242.00 

Sundries : Traveling expenses, catalogs, print- 
ing, diplomas, stationery, etc 1,016.54 


American Baptist Home Missionary Society 7,190.00 

Woman's Society, Chicago 680.00 



Charles F. Meserve $2,000.00 

N. F. Roberts 650.00 

N. C. Bruce 650.00 

M. D. Bowen 500.00 

C. W. Jewett 900.00 

A. W. Pegues 800.00 

Ida J. Brown, on account 250.00 

Abby L. Williams 360.00 

Charlotte Murray 480.00 

John A. Lankford 600.00 

Emma L. Miller 360.00 

May C. Hamilton 320.00 



Medical Department $7,460.59 

Law Department 7 2 9-75 

Pharmacy Department 574.00 

Literary Department 12,088.89 

Appropriations for Salaries 7,870.00 


Medical Department 4,707.64 

Law Department 903.00 

Pharmacy Department 783.00 

Literary Department 14,446.48 

Salaries from appropriations 7,870.00 

Surplus . 13-11 

Respectfully submitted, 

Chas. F. Meserve,